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So I keep getting a ton of messages asking stuff so Ill go through them on here :)
1) ‘Get a job’ - I have a job, Im a teaching assistant in a school in my town, I do physical education with 4-11 year olds, and in the mornings I do reading and writing with the children that are on ‘special measures’. These are the children who have behavioural difficulties or conditions such as autism and they are unable to thrive in a classroom so we work together in a small group or individually.
2) ‘You’re stupid for quitting school’ - I didn’t have much of a choice, a lot went on when I was doing my exams and I did not do good, I lost my place at school and instead i enrolled in a local community college, I could not continue here because when my dad passed away I was on my own, so I got a job, I’ve been working since I was 16.
3) ‘Why are you looking after your ister if you can’t afford her?’ - I can afford the necessities, a judge would not have ruled for her to be in my car if I could not feed her or put a roof over her head. Every single penny of my wages is spent on rent, heating, water, electricity, and her food. This leaves me with nothing for any extras like getting her new clothes, getting her birthday/christmas presents, paying for her school trips, child care when I have to work late, fuel for my car (her school/friends/ourfamily is an hour away, this is why I am moving in May), school supplies, the list of what a child needs/deserves is endless. I do not waste money, I buy her what is the best value, I want her to be able to live happily and be involved with her friends activities, i dont want her to live in a stressful environment constantly worried about having no money. 
4) ‘How do the ads help?’ - For each click I am paid on average around £0.05-£0.30, I get on average about 50 clicks a day and over a month it helps a lot. This month I have been able to organise Gracie’s birthday party (hiring out a village hall and shes having a ‘dance party throughout the ages’), bought her 4 birthday prezzies, got food for everyone, Im baking her a birthday cake myself :) and shes got a new birthday outfit so shes actually being spoilt a bit for her birthday hehe. 
5) ‘Why don’t your parents look after your sister?’ - they passed away.
6) ‘Why don’t your sisters help?’ - Milly lives in Australia and Maddi is too self absorbed in her own life, they’re both fueding at the moment and if Im honest, theyre both being selfish at the moment.
Have a good day xxxxxx

Thank you @jenspiratebooty for the best dress ever + @gladys_tamez_millinery for my perfect hat! 🐖


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the anti vaccination movement basically consists of random people with no knowledge of medicine going “I can medicine better than doctors” and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t literally killing people

you dont need vaccines, I havent had any and Im still doing great

wow, what a compelling argument. you’ve got me

in other news, i am still alive therefore death must be a myth

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do u ever see someone reALLY cute in public and you just kinda ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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"You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read."


James Baldwin 

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Inclusive children go far.


hey yall! (if youre not southern you probably cant read this)

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